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Les Gorges de la Blanche Campsite

The campsite open
from May 5th to October 31st
Renting is available
from March 5 th to November 3rd

Wednesday,June 4th

Located in the heart of the orchards along the Durance river,
the 3 star campsite
« Les Gorges de la Blanche »
offers 63 places under the shade of the cherry-trees, locust trees and poplars.

Michel is indulging in a little nap under the cherry-trees

The swimming pool, the adventure playground, the pétanque ground (bowls), the volley ball ground, the play activity area and the library make it a place where you can have fun and relax with your family.

The campsite's places While children are having fun at hte swimming pool The playground
the campsite's swimming pool
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